Aloe Arborescens juice Concentrated recipe, No alcohol

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cultivated in a healthy environment 100% natural product, without preservatives Handmade produced with love cold worked produced and cultivated by our company senza alcol

Fresh juice of Aloe Arborescens, made following recipe from book by Father Romano Zago. Concentrated version (with more Aloe and less honey) and without alcohol.

  • Cultivated and produced by our farm!
  • Aloe Arborescens 51%, Honey 49%, Alcohol 0%;
  • Glass container 750 ml, 850 gr;
  • Fresh product, to be preserved in the fridge;
  • To be consumed within 45 days;
  • Made according to the instructions from book by Father Zago;
  • Cold processed with whole leaves of Aloe Arborescens;
  • NO-GMO product, gluten-free, no preservatives, no alcohol, not cooked.
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One of our crops of Aloe Arborescens:


This juice is the concentrated version of the recipe written in the book by Father Romano Zago, but alcohol free. The name "concentrated recipe" indicates that the juice has been prepared with a larger quantity of Aloe and less honey. Compared to the classic recipe, it is recommended for those who need to take less sugar (for example, people with diabetes or liver disease).

The concentrated recipe has the disadvantage of being slightly bitter than the classic recipe and of having a more accentuated effect on the intestine (ie more laxative). Hence, for the most sensible people, we recommend starting the first assumptions of Aloe juice starting with the classic recipe. Once the first package is finished, you can then test the effects of the concentrated (or super-concentrated) recipe.

Given that this juice is alcohol free, is also recommended for those with pancreatic or liver diseases, or alcohol issues.

Not recommended to:

  • Pregnant women or women that are breastfeeding;
  • People taking anticoagulants;
  • People suffering from Crohn's disease, diverticulitis and ulcerative colitis (in this cases juices without aloin are good).


  • 51% Aloe Arborescens leaves (skin included, without thorns);
  • 49% Honey;
  • 0% Alcohol.

How do I prepare Aloe juice?

  • It is a fresh product, made just before the shipping;
  • The plants are grown on the ground, in a natural way and in open countryside in the Marche hills of Fermo province;
  • All the plants of Aloe Arborescens, from which the leaves are harvested, are more than 5 years old;
  • The harvest of Aloe leaves is done only on those plants not irrigated for at least 6 days, as advised by Father Zago;
  • The leaves are harvested by hand just before dawn, and then cold processed in darkness in our laboratory;
  • We use first choice honey, always fresh coming from my land or from small beekeepers close to my farm;
  • Our Aloe juices are 100% natural, contain no preservatives, sweeteners, thickeners, or other chemicals.;

What is Aloe juice recommended for?

The reasons why you can make use of this juice can be so many that one book is not enough to list them all (as a matter of fact, Father Romano Zago has written two). Below you will find only some general indications, reported by the same Father Romano Zago in the book " Aloe isn’t medicine and yet… it cures ":

  • To regulate blood values ​​(cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, etc.);
  • To strengthen the immune system (for example, in view of the change of season);
  • To fight constipation and improve digestion;
  • It is useful in case of reflux and gastritis, as it regenerates, protects, soothes the stomach and intestine walls, performing an exceptional gastroprotective effect;
  • As a preventive and adjuvant to oncological treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy;
  • It is an anti-inflammatory, useful to alleviate the symptoms of many diseases;
  • In the case of after-surgery recovery and non-temporary or chronic illnesses, it is used as an alimentary adjuvant to the prescribed therapies, and in any case as a support for the organism;
  • It is recommended to counteract phenomena often derived from a poor absorption of nutrients, stress and nervous tension such as: hair loss, the tendency to gain weight, mood swings, sleep and concentration disorders;

Why does Father Zago use Honey?

The recipe of book by Father Zago is the best solution to take the fresh Aloe Arborescens, without using preservatives or processing that alter the properties of Aloe. The honey used in this recipe is of fundamental importance, both to correctly maintain the compound as well as to strengthen the properties of the aloe as honey promotes the spread of the aloe in the body and maintains its properties unaltered.

Use Advice

This Aloe juice is not a medicine but a 100% natural juice for the well-being. Being a natural product and without laboratory alterations, attention should be paid only to its first administration. In some cases, it is suggested to drink some water immediately after taking aloe.

  1. Mix / shake well before each use;
  2. Take it 20/30 minutes before meals or after meals to have a digestive effect and to avoid reflux;
  3. For the first two or three days we recommend starting with a teaspoon one to two times a day;
  4. Subsequently, you can pass to a bigger spoon for two or three times a day;
  5. The administration is continued until finishing the package;
  6. It is also possible to increase the intake by 2-3-4-5 spoons at a time;
  7. After using three packages, it is recommended to have a few days break from usage. ;


The product is freshly made and for a greater preservation it should be kept in the fridge (possibly in the lower part of the fridge). If well preserved it is best used within up to 45 days, Do not expose the juice to intense light and do not remove the paper around the container. It is advisable to take the juice with a steel or plastic spoon, do not drink directly from the bottle.

Shipping takes place every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, delivery in 24-48 hours on average to Italy, and 24-48 hours with air shipment, to the rest of Europe.
Shipment on the road to the rest of europe shipping takes place in 72/96 hours.

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rating Ottimo
Monica P. on 06/19/2020 Acquistato dopo aver provato la versione classica, si sente che è più concentrata ma resta comunque gradevole da assumere e i benefici sono tanti!!
rating Ottimo
Evelin R. on 06/17/2020 Prodotto ottimo e a mio parere con ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo. Fatto con cura e amore. Velocissima la spedizione.
rating Succo Aloe Arborescens Ricetta Concentrata
enrico f. on 06/11/2020 tutto perfetto come sempre
rating Sono soddisfatta
Lucia B. on 05/04/2020 Il prodotto è arrivato nei tempi previsti, integro e fresco, la garanzia che sia Bio mi tranquillizza. Naturalmente è un pochino amaro ma non ho alcun problema ad assumere la dose quotidiana ed inoltre non ho avuto nessun effetto secondario negativo.
rating Ottimo prodotto
Federicaprevitali f. on 04/29/2020 Questo prodotto l'ho fatto provare a molte persone e tutte sono rimaste soddisfatte.
rating Azienda
SIRIA N. on 03/30/2020 Azienda seria, ottimi prodotti che corrispondono alla descrizione. Puntuale spedizione
rating Succo di aloe
Roberto M. on 02/12/2020 Oltre a diversi prodotti già acquistati come saponi tisane e creme , prendo spesso il succo di aloe concentrato. questo prodotto è veramente un tocca sano per il mio intestino e penso che continuerò a intervalli regolari a farne uso .a mio parere i prodotti di Mauro Vallesi sono molto affidabili e genuini spero che continuerà su questa linea.
rating Azienda di Mauro vallesi
canio d. on 01/11/2020 Siete un azienda seria con prodotti di ottima qualità
rating Succo Aloe Arborescens
ANTONIO C. on 01/08/2020 Prodotto eccellente, sono abbastanza soddisfatto...ordinato anche il secondo, perfetto imballaggio, consegna puntuale. OTTIMO.
rating giuseppe
Giuseppe m. on 11/19/2019 un prodotto fresco e curativo lo consiglio azienda seria.
rating Rimedio freschissimo e gustoso
Elena P. on 09/30/2019 Mi sono trovata bene, ho finito il barattolo senza effetti collaterali importanti a livello intestinale. Spero di essermi depurata. Lo riprenderò fra un po' di mesi.
rating aloe
Meggyleggenda L. on 08/20/2019 riscontro dopo l'utilizzo dell'aloe da circa un mese,una funzionalità dell'intestino migliorata e meno fame
rating Ottimo prodotto
Luciana M. on 06/06/2019 Un prodotto buono come sapore e valido. Dopo un primo momento di assestamento per l'intestino, è un valido aiuto per la depurazione quotidiana.
Utile per vari disturbi a mio avviso.
Lo consiglio sicuramente!
rating Succo di aloe
antonio z. on 05/20/2019 Ottimo prodotto
rating I really like Fathers Zago recipe.
hi h. on 05/13/2019 I buy it almost regulary. I even ordered one for my father.
rating aloe
teresa b. on 05/08/2019 ottimo prodotto. E' il primo che provo che somiglia all'aloe fatta in casa.
rating Aloe arborescent
canio d. on 04/27/2019 Ottimo prodotto
rating Super Aloe
Maria Pia M. on 01/13/2019 Prodotto eccezionale ... lo adoro
rating ok
Pcoloretti p. on 12/27/2018 ottimo prodotto,ormai lo uso da un po' di tempo e mi trovo molto bene
rating Ottimo prodotto
Mariocirianni m. on 11/12/2018 Come da titolo, il prodotto e ottimo ed e confezionato benissimo. Azienda seria è professionale. Bravi!!!!!
rating aloe
Pcoloretti p. on 10/31/2018 ottimo prodotto,ormai lo acquisto da un po' e mi trovo molto bene
rating buono
patriziadangelo p. on 09/28/2018 prodotto ottimo
rating Ricetta concentrata no alcol
VITTORIO P. on 08/24/2018 Sto continuando ad usare prodotti di Erbe di Mauro, perché riscontro che ne traggo generico giovamento.
rating Aloe
saverio a. on 08/03/2018 Sono in attesa di verificare gli effetti ..... il gusto è amaro....
rating Il prodotto è ottimo
Luigi F. on 06/03/2016

Il prodotto è ottimo, spedizione velocissima grazie

rating un prodotto di qualità
Federico S. on 04/16/2018

E' da un bel po' che compro i succhi di aloe secondo la ricetta di padre Zago da Erbe Di Mauro, che mantiene un alto livello qualitativo, la garanzia del prodotto fresco inviato subito dopo la preparazione, la spedizione puntuale e veloce. Tutto confermato anche con l'ultima spedizione di questo prodotto!

rating Prodotto ottimo
Lamezza L. on 09/02/2016

Prodotto ottimo preparato proprio il giorno che mi è stato spedito quindi super fresco. Ben confezionato nella scatola di polistirolo. La prox volta provo la versione super concentrata.


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