Father Romano Zago Package

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This package includes:

  • 1 Aloe Arborescens Juice, Classic recipe of Friar;
  • 400 gr of fresh leaves (make the recipe for yourself);
  • 1 book: Cancer can be cured (Italian language);
  • 1 book: Aloe isn’t medicine and yet… it cures (Italian language);
  • 1 book: The Remedy of Aloe (Italian language).
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Why should you buy from me?

  • I offer an excellent value for money (from the producer to the consumer);
  • The product is handcrafted according to the instructions of Father Zago;
  • Freshly prepared just before shipping;
  • The leaves are processed in darkness immediately after the harvest;
  • Cold processed with whole leaves of Aloe Arborescens;
  • The plants are grown on the ground in the open countryside of the Marche hills in central Italy.

Aloe Arborescens juice is recommended to:

  • All people, sportsmen, seniors, children (without alcohol), and also for veterinary use (without alcohol);
  • It is an excellent dietary supplement for the physical well-being, also used for diets or controlled fasts;
  • Regenerating, protects, soothes the stomach and intestine walls, performing an exceptional gastroprotective effect;
  • Used as a prevention for both seasonal diseases and various disorders, increases the immune system's defenses;
  • Throughout the period of chemotherapy and the use of invasive drugs, even by drinking water immediately after its administration, it is an excellent soothing and detoxifying support product;
  • In case of after-surgery recovery and non-temporary or chronic illnesses, it is used as an alimentary adjuvant to the prescribed therapies, and in any case as a support for the organism;
  • It is recommended to counteract phenomena often derived from a poor absorption of nutrients, stress and nervous tension such as: hair loss, the tendency to gain weight, mood swings, sleep and concentration disorders.

Use Advice

The Aloe Arborescens recipe is not a medicine but a 100% natural juice for well-being. Being a natural product and without laboratory alterations, attention should be paid only to its first administration. In some cases it is suggested to drink some water immediately after taking aloe. Mix / shake well before each use.

  1. Take it 20/30 minutes before meals or after meals to have a digestive effect and to avoid reflux.
  2. For the first two or three days we recommend starting with a teaspoon one to two times a day,
  3. Subsequently, you can pass to a bigger spoon for two or three times a day.
  4. The administration is continued until finishing the package.
  5. It is also possible to increase the intake by 2-3-4-5 spoons at a time.
  6. After using three packages, it is recommended to have a few days break from usage.


The product is freshly made and for a greater preservation it should be kept in the fridge, or in a very cool environment, or in the lower part of the fridge. Do not expose the juice to intense light and do not remove the paper around the container. It is advisable to take the juice with a steel or plastic spoon, do not drink directly from the bottle.

Shipping takes place every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, delivery in 24-48 hours on average to Italy, and 24-48 hours with air shipment, to the rest of Europe.
Shipment on the road to the rest of europe shipping takes place in 72/96 hours.

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rating Entusiasta di tutto
Daniela B. on 11/29/2019 Perfetta la consegna, la qualità dei prodotti, il packaging...e la cortesia!
rating Pacchetto Romano Zago
paola c. on 12/18/2018 Prodotto molto buono e prezioso per la cura , inoltre tollerabile al palato, è arrivato confezionato con cura e avvolto dal ghiaccio, mi ha colpita veramente non solo il potere curativo dei prodotti ma anche la cura con la quale vengono prodotti, confezionati e accompagnati in confezioni curate sino al destinatario, grazie al signor Mauro e tutto il suo Team, di cuore, l' occasione mi è cara per augurarvi buone feste e felicissimo 2019

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