Healing Herbs, Prohibited Plants

There are facts and stories that need to be known if only because, in our senseless society of destructive interests and profiteering, they are too often concealed, silenced, kept on the margins or because too often remain the domain of a few, perhaps the most curious , the most eager to stop and reflect and investigate.

Here I report one of these stories, the story of Josep Pàmies, a Spanish farmer and scholar who with his research, his indefatigable investigating and with his Dulce Revolución begins to elbow inside the sensitive and dangerous fields of science, medicine , of the pharmaceutical industry and, more generally, of a global system that seems absurd to row against the well-being of humanity and the social one.

Personally I am not a doctor, nor a scientist, nor do I pretend to be considered a specialist in the field, but, although I recognize the value and positive impact generated over millennia by science, medicine and the pharmaceutical sector on human progress, I think it is important to make others known, what some people today call the alternative.

That is the use of medical herbs and natural remedies. And in this video, Josep Pàmies talks about it.

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