Fresh Aloe Arborescens leaves – Large Leaf

cultivated in a healthy environment natural cultivation without pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals hand-picked cultivated with love grown by our company 100% vegan

Large leaf Aloe Arborescens, leaves harvested at night, shortly before the shipment and wrapped in a piece of aluminum foil.

  • A product of our land!
  • First choice leaves harvested from plants which are about 6/10 years old
  • Weight: 400 g / 800 g / 1.2 kg / 2 kg / 4 kg / 8 kg
  • Perfect for making juices (including the Father Zago'recipe)
  • Plants organically grown in a healthy environment
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10,90 € tax incl.

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How do we harvest Aloe Arborescens leaves?

  • They are harvested from mature Aloe plants which are 5 to 10 years old;
  • It must not have rained for at least 5 days;
  • The leaves must not be watered from up or down for at least 5/7 days;
  • They are harvested and wrapped in the dark/dim light;
  • The leaves are taken from the plant through an incision, no loss of gel.

How to clean the leaves

  • The leaves should be processed in the dark/dim light;
  • The leaves should not be watered or soaked in water;
  • Clean the leaves well with a slightly damp cloth;
  • Make the preparation as soon as possible and keep the leaves in the lower part of the fridge;
  • For those more sensitive, to reduce the impact of the aloin, I suggest removing well the white part (the attachment of the leaves to the plant) and once the leaves have been cut into pieces, let the gel drain for about fifteen minutes.

Is it better the ready-to-use product or the leaves?

Many people ask me to buy plants and they often end up having the house, the terrace, the garden, full of Aloe Arborescens plants. This is because many people often have the need to consume many leaves, perhaps for themselves or for the whole family.

Why should you buy an Aloe Arborescens plant:

  • To have fresh leaves always available;
  • To have a beautiful plant and a decent ornament close to you;
  • I love green and I like it that way;
  • I do not have a pet, but I like to take care of the plants

Why should you buy a ready-to-use Father Zago Aloe Juice:

  • It is a handcraft, fresh and ready-to-use product;
  • You get a ready-to-use product, you do not need to waste your time to prepare it;
  • To prepare it we use plants that are above 7 years old, grown on the ground and under the direct sunshine;
  • My experience provides you with an optimized product for its purpose

Shipping takes place every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, delivery in 24-48 hours on average to Italy, and 24-48 hours with air shipment, to the rest of Europe.
Shipment on the road to the rest of europe shipping takes place in 72/96 hours.

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