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Countryside landscape

Countryside landscape between Fermo city and Monte San Giusto city (Macerata, Italy)

My Field

Located in San Girolamo (fraction of Fermo, Italy) on the beautiful hills of Fermo province, in open countryside, it has an area of about 7 hectares, mostly exposed to the south and west with views of the Sibillini Mountains.

It is at an altitude of about 160 meters and is only 10 km far from the sea.


Location of my field in the Fermo province (Italy).

Marche Region

The Marche Region is nationally recognized as a healthy and natural territory, rich in beaches, beautiful hills and mountains, a place full of uncontaminated landscapes, where the rhythm of life is still sustainable and the quiet life is part of the daily life of its inhabitants. It is one of the regions with the highest number of elderly centenarians, and this shows the longevity of the people who live in this area.

marche region

Fermo countryside, a view from my land

A strong and healthy territory, where all the inhabitants can enjoy a very good quality of life and excellent food products, because the plants find the right balance between healthy lands and Mediterranean climate. I believe the Marche is not just a region, but it is a choice of life, a daily passion, where to experience my passion, my plants and where to produce my products. This region represents a real opportunity for me and for all my clients!

fermo italy

Fermo countryside, a view from my land

Sales point

Azienda Agricola Erbe di Mauro

C.da San Girolamo, 123

63900 Fermo (FM), Italy