Payment methods

1. Cash payment (available only in Italy)

It is possible to pay in cash at the tobacconist or at the post office without having a prepaid card, you just need to recharge my Postepay account, you will receive the codes after completing the order. It is important to send the date and time of the payment, or a copy of the receipt, by replying to the automatic email of the order. You can make a bank transfer, either at the bank or through the on-line banking. It is important to send a copy or a screenshot of the payment to speed up the shipping.

2. Paypal

Paying with Paypal is quick and easy, you can do it by having a prepaid Paypal, and/or a Paypal account, and/or by having any card linked to Paypal. There is no need to send a copy of the payment, it is all automatic, you pay and we ship the package.

3. Credit Card or Prepaid Card

It is possible to pay with various credit or prepaid cards, through the Paypal circuit, it is a simple and free system, you just need to register and the payment will be simple and safe.

4. Cash on delivery (available only in Italy)

  • We accept the cash on delivery payment method only for a purchase that is equal to or higher than € 34.00.
  • For logistical reasons, the cash on delivery payment method is not valid for the purchase of plants.
  • For logistical reasons the cash on delivery payment method is not valid for regions such as Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria.
  • It is available only for shipments in Italy and San Marino.
  • The payment must be in cash only,
  • The cash on delivery payment method is always available, it is not available only on dates close to holidays: from 3/08 to 20/08 from 14/12 to 31/12

5. Bank Transfer

Payment by bank transfer to:

Mauro Vallesi
IBAN: IT75T0329601601000067089188
Object: insert the NUMBER and the DATE of your order.

IMPORTANT!! Once the bank transfer has been made, send us the deposit slip (exclusively via E-Mail) to the following address:

6. Postepay recharge

Recharging the Postepay is very convenient and can be done in many ways. For example, in cash by going to a post office, at a betting office, or any tobacconist (if these methods are possible in your town). If you also have a Postepay card, you can also recharge online, from the website, or using the Postepay comfort app, which you can download for free on any smartphone. Data to recharge my PostePay account:

Account holder: Mauro Vallesi
Fiscal Code: VLLMRA79E11F520Y
PostePay Card Number: 5333 1711 2775 3057

IMPORTANT!! As soon as you have made the payment, send us an E-Mail to, indicating the date and time. We will then ship the goods.