About us

Mauro herbs

I am passionate about farming

My name is Mauro and I'm the owner of the small farm called Erbe di Mauro. Fascinated by the many beneficial and healing properties of these plants and after having experienced their benefits for a long time, today, with the help of my family, I cultivate with passion plants of Aloe Arborescens, Aloe Vera, as well as many other aromatic and medicinal plants. I have a simple philosophy for my work: providing high quality raw materials and using exclusively artisan processes to make my products. These principles seem quite simple, yet they represent the guarantee to get the maximum result out of my plants and my products.

A family business

For years, together with the help of my father and the whole family, we have been redeveloping our land located in San Girolamo (fraction of Fermo city, Italy), in the open countryside, far from any form of pollution, such as highways, expressways, factories, dumps, incinerators, etc. The land originally belonged to my grandfather, then it passed to my uncle and now to my father. Since a few years, we have created a farm where the plants enjoy the naturalness of the countryside and the simplicity of natural cultivation techniques.

Con Agricoltura Biodinamica

Given that these plants are intended to produce “food”, often used in a normal diet for the well-being, we do not use any form of chemical treatments. Our land has been passed down from generation to generation, hence we are perfectly familiar with the land and water that we use and that surround us. Besides, our company is totally devoid of agricultural licenses for the use of pesticides and heavy agricultural vehicles, such as tractors. Our work consists only of willpower, arms and brain. The agricultural philosophy that we follow is a biodynamic agriculture, where nature and the natural regeneration of the land are in perfect equilibrium, being the foundation of an excellent cultivation.

What do we do

Erbe di Mauro

Our farm cultivates plants with medicinal and aromatic properties, intended for food use, for psycho-physical wellbeing, as well as to make cosmetic products, such as lotions, shower gel, shampoo, etc.

Our "core business" is Aloe. Besides cultivating and selling Aloe Arborescens and Aloe Vera plants, we are among the few in Italy to make fresh juices, without preservatives, without pasteurization and without excipients. I would like to stress that it is an absolutely fresh product, made with our plants, handmade and shipped on the same day, not stored in a whatsoever warehouse.

The most requested product, which is the one that encouraged us to start this business, is the famous recipe of Father Romano Zago, made with Aloe Arborescens, honey and grappa (traditional Italian spirit). We strictly follow the original formula of Father Zago and his instructions to make it: 350g of Aloe Arborescens, 500g of organic honey and 3 tablespoons of grappa, leaves harvested before dawn and worked in the absence of light, only from plants more than 5 years old, biologically grown under the sun and that have not been irrigated for at least 7 days. Additionally, we also make other variants of the recipe (without alcohol, with little honey, without honey, pure, without aloin, etc.).

Besides Aloe, we also grow and sell other plants with medicinal properties, such as mallow, rosemary, thyme, calendula, stevia rebaudiana, turmeric, artemisia annua, kalanchoe, etc.

From our land to your table

The best way to obtain a product of excellence, is to shorten the supply chain, that means to have a direct sale (from the producer to the consumer) without making the classic commercial steps (manufacturer, seller, wholesaler, trader, customer). Since these products are often fresh, see Father Romano Zago's recipe, we offer a direct sale, and what differentiates us from most companies that offer similar products is our short supply chain, from our land, to your table:

Our supply chain

We grow plants in our land


We collect the leaves in the evening 


We make the product


Now the product arrives to your home!

The supply chain of other companies

Someone grows the plants


Someone collects leaves


The leaves should be sent to the producer who receives them after days


The manufacturer makes the product


The product must be sent to the wholesaler for distribution


The product is distributed to the shopkeeper


now you buy the product

Why should you buy from me?

Following are some good reasons why I think you should choose my products:

  • 100% organic and Italian cultivation: our products are all made with plants grown organically in our land, in San Girolamo, Fermo province. You will therefore have the guarantee of a 100% organic and Italian product.
  • Juices and fresh leaves: we do not stock the juices, they are produced and shipped on the same day, using only our Aloe plants. Even the leaves are detached from the plant, properly packed and immediately shipped.
  • No preservatives: our juices have no preservatives, additives, sweeteners, or other added substances. Furthermore, they are not pasteurized, guaranteeing the maximum bioavailability of the nutrients (and therefore of all the benefits from the plant).
  • Organic and local honey: our company pays a lot of attention even to the choice of honey. We choose only local products of the Marche region, buying from small beekeepers who always give us the guarantee of a truly organic product that has not been pasteurized (otherwise honey would lose its quality).
  • Original recipe of Father Zago: I profoundly respect the original recipe of Father Romano Zago, which is the product for which I began my job. The so-called classic recipe juice, which you can order from the website, respects in all ways the ingredients, dosages and instructions of the Brazilian friar. The juice is also handcrafted, just like the one made at home.
  • Leaves and flowers picked and processed by hand: for the harvest of Aloe leaves and other medicinal herbs, we do not use machines, the plants are all harvested and processed by hand.
  • Herbs dried in the shade in an airy environment: the herbs intended for drying (herbal teas, for example), are all dried in a natural way, in the shade and in a dry and airy environment. Fast shipping: the products are shipped in 24 hours, maximum 48 hours.

Do not buy if:

  • You are looking for products that are all the same, without flaws: ours are handmade and natural products, whose virtues and organoleptic qualities can vary from one day to the next due to different factors. For example, the variation can be due to the temperatures, the percentage of precipitation, the sweetness of honey, etc. With us you will not find products made with stencil like when you buy in large supermarkets.
  • You are looking for long-life Aloe juices: our pride is to make fresh juices without preservatives, avoiding the pasteurization process, which would compromise the quality of the final product. If you buy our Aloe juices, you must know immediately that you will have to consume it within one, or at the latest two months (depending on the season). Remember that if a product is fresh, storage times are short. The same applies to fresh leaves. It is a different situation for herbal tea, where the natural drying process guarantees the preservation time of about one year.