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On this page, you will find all the information about my farm Erbe di Mauro:
the contacts, the field, the sales point, the work philosophy, the choice of raw materials and much more.

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I want to tell you something more about us…

Below are some of our interviews

Mauro on TV: ÉTV Marche (regional TV channel)

This is my last interview, broadcasted on Saturday 5 May 2018 on ÉTV Marche, during the TV programme "Le Marche in Campo". It is a nice video, which lasts almost 20 minutes, where I tell the story of my business, of the plants I grow, of the juices, and of the other health products I make.

Interview with “Buongiorno Benessere” on RAI1 (national TV channel)

A short interview, lasting 2 minutes, on my biggest passion, broadcasted on RAI1 Saturday 10 February, 2018.
The TV programme is called "Buongiorno Benessere".

Interview with "Il Giornale" (national newspaper)

Below, I report the full version of my interview with "Il Giornale",
published on 19 January 2018 both in the newspaper (see image on the right) and on the website.

The secret of Aloe juice in the recipe of a Franciscan friar Father Romano Zago

Mauro interview

Well cultivated. To do something good. This is the basis of the reliability of Mauro Vallesi, 38 years old, who, in San Girolamo (countryside of Fermo), has decided to overturn the canons of industrial production and make of his aloe plants, that natural product that can also cure many major or minor disorders and illness. The aloe he cultivates is not contaminated by whatsoever, neither by a warehouse storage,yet it is, just and simply, a natural product.

«Pay attention» Mauro says «I do not make promises, nor sell miracles, but I promise and I sell a product that is cultivated, made, and shipped respecting the peculiarities of a precious plant, able to have a positive action on our body at 360 degrees».

Erbe di Mauro was born under the impulse of Mauro's will to solve his own illness.

«It all happened by chance in 2008, to meet my needs and those of friends and acquaintances. Then the hobby became a real job. I started to cultivate the two types of aloe, both Arborescens, and Vera, putting myself on the side of those that need the aloe to get better, to feel in good shape, but also to heal themselves. Indeed, for this reason we work the fresh product and we make it at the moment. All our products are made with plants grown organically in our land, which originally belonged to my grandfather, then to my uncle and now to my father ».

The market is flooded with aloe juices, what's special about yours?

«Our juices are not pasteurized, they do not contain preservatives, additives, sweeteners, or other substances, besides we do not stock our juicies: they are produced and shipped in the same day, using only our plants. Also the leaves are harvested from the plant, properly packed and immediately after shipped. "

The secret of Mauro Vallesi comes from far.away. A secret that has been whispered by a Franciscan friar, Father Romano Zago, born in Brazil 85 years ago, who, studying for a lifetime and experiencing all the benefits of the aloe among the derelicts and the sick persons of the favelas, years ago fine tunes an effective immune mix. It is indeed this receipe of Father Zago , scrupulously followed by Mauro, that has become the excellent product of his farm.

"We strictly follow the original formula of Father Zago and his instructions for making it: 350 grams of Aloe Arborescens, 500 grams of organic honey, neutral alcohol. The procedure is exactly what the recipe requires: the harvest is done in semi-darkness, the cleaning of the leaves is done before the sunrise by hands and the processing is made always in the absence of light. We use only plants that are more than 5 years old, organically grown under the sun and that have not been irrigated for at least 7 days. The other raw materials, such as honey and apple juice, must be the best, we do not care about expenditures and even in this case we choose only local products of the Marche region, buying from small beekeepers who always give us the guarantee of a truly organic product and that has not been pasteurized, otherwise honey would lose quality ».

How many people work with you?

"My wife Rosalba, the family. We are around a dozen people. Besides Aloe, we also grow and sell other plants with medicinal properties, such as mallow, rosemary, thyme, calendula, stevia rebaudiana, turmeric, artemisia annua, kalanchoe ».

Let's go back to the product that is the most requested, Father Zago Recipe. Can you describe it to us more in detail?

«It is a fresh, hand crafted, cold worked, and unfiltered product, hence in this way its components are not altered. This recipe is particularly effective because the vasodilatory action of the alcohol makes the active ingredient of the aloe totally assimilable by the human body and the honey, besides making the recipe sweeter on the palate, it enhances its effects and increases the preservation time of the final product. The whole product is therefore a union among juice, pulp and peel, and it is made in a natural way without preservatives, and can be taken by everyone: sick people, sportsmen, elderly, children, with both a preventive and curative use. It is also very used in diets, in fact thanks to its nutritional components, it is an excellent food supplement. It helps to regularize the intestine, to rebalance and strengthen the whole immune system, helping the body to fight viruses, fungi, bacteria and inflammations of various kinds. It is an energizing and natural reconstituting, to be consumed exclusively fresh. As I said before, aloe is the queen of medicinal plants that serves children to adults and the elderly. Father Zago's Recipe should be taken three times a day. In the first days should be taken in smaller doses because the aloe is also purifying. So a tablespoon before meals, then you can gradually increase the dose. Consider that we make other variations of the recipe: without alcohol, with little honey, without honey, without aloin, in order to satisfy all palates. Yet, first of all, we work with the aim of doing good to those who really want to do well for themeselves".

Source: http://www.ilgiornale.it/news/nella-ricetta-frate-segreto-succo-aloe-1484674.html