Aloe Vera Plant - 4 Years old

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coltivato in un ambiente sano coltivazione naturale senza pesticidi, erbicidi o altri prodotti chimici coltivato con amore cresciuto dalla nostra azienda 100% vegan

Aloe Vera Plant, 4 years old, in a vase of 21 cm

  • The plant has bloomed and blooms every year;
  • The gel can be used on the skin, or for the preparation of various kind of juices ;
  • Organically cultivated in a healthy environment;
  • Undefined height, being a natural product, growth can vary according to various environmental factors;
  • Any aesthetic defects are not to be considered defects, but qualities that demonstrate the naturalness of the crops.
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Our plants of Aloe Vera (botanical name: Aloe Barbadensis miller) are kept in the open air with a solar exposure of about 60%. Once you receive the plant, you should not put it immediately under full sun exposure, rather do it gradually.

How to care for Aloe Vera plants

Aloe needs little water. It should be watered every 3/7/15/30 days depending on the time of the year (little or nothing in winter, more often in the summer). As per the compost, which is essential if the plant is kept in a vase, in the spring/summer period, it is recommended to use organic fertilizer to be diluted with water every 30 days. If you plant the Aloe in the ground, if the soil is tilled, the plant does not need special compost.

Harvest of leaves

For the harvest of Aloe Vera leaves we start from the largest branch from the bottom to the top and tear slightly and then rotate in a circular way around the plants. Do not water the leaves before 7/10 days from harvest and do not water the plant for 7/10 days before harvest.

How to plant it in the ground

If you want, you can plant Aloe Vera in the ground during the period between April and July, creating a bit of shade on the plant in the first weeks to make the plant gradually adapt to the ground without stress.

Winter months

The Aloe Vera plant does not withstand temperatures below 0 °, if the plant is in the garden or outdoor it is necessary to cover it with appropriate cloths or to move it inside the house in colder periods. If you want to move it in the sun, it is better to do it gradually: doing so you avoid damaging the leaves and you will get a splendid ornamental plant, also ideal for the preparation of juices.

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rating Fantastic
Lilian B. on 09/28/2020 I bought 9 aloe plants recently from erbedimauro ranging from 4 years old to 6 years old. The package and delivery was fantastic. He even gives lots of advise as how to care for the plants. I will come back to purchase more. Recommend it without hesitation.
rating Aloe vera
Erika R. on 05/29/2020 Arrivato in tempo, perfetto e imballato bene
rating Bellissima
Michela V. on 05/15/2020 Spedizione veloce e ben protetta. L'aloe è arrivata in salute e come da fotografia. Molto soddisfatta.
rating Qualità
Alessandro m. on 05/13/2020 Tutti i prodotti dell'azienda sono ottimi dalle piante ai vari prodotti derivati.
rating Bellissima pianta!
Joyce Noemi V. on 05/09/2020 Mai vista una pianta di aloe vera così bella! Rigogliosa e dalle foglie belle piene, con anche due piccole piantine di aloe alla base. Impacchettata benissimo per la spedizione è arrivata perfettamente intatta
rating Bella pianta
TOMMASO D. on 09/06/2019 Una pianta grande e rigogliosa
rating Acquisto pianta aloe
Maurizia L. on 08/14/2019 Pianta bellissima,spedizione veloce.Grazie dei consigli
rating Pianta
Renata R. on 02/08/2019 Bellissima e ottima pianta. Complimenti per l'imballaggio...fatto con molta cura ed attenzione.
rating Pianta di Aloe Vera di 4 anni
Gina T. on 01/10/2019 Contentissima!!!!
rating Ottimo
Daniela M. on 01/07/2019 La pianta è arrivata in ottime condizioni, ben imballata ed è bellissima.
rating Pianta di Aloe Vera di 3/4 anni
Vanna R. on 11/09/2018 Assolutamente soddisfatta dell'acquisto pianta bellissima e molto grande GRAZIE !!!!

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