Pure Aloe 

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coltivato in un ambiente sano Prodotto naturale al 100%, senza conservanti Fatto a mano prodotto con amore lavorato a freddo prodotto e coltivato dalla nostra azienda 100% vegan no alcol

Pure Aloe Vera juice without aloin and without preservatives.

  • 100% pure Aloe Vera juice, 5 times concentrated;
  • Produced and cultivated by our farm!
  • To be preserved in the fridge;
  • Best consumed within 180 days;
  • 100% aloin free Aloe vera juice;
  • Glass container of 500 ml and 1 liter;
  • Cold processed, juice and pulp of Aloe Vera;
  • NO-GMO, gluten-free, without preservatives, without alcohol, without aloin, not cooked.

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coltivato in ambiente sano prodotto 100% naturale, senza conservanti fatto a mano fatto con amore lavorato a freddo prodotto e coltivato dalla nostra azienda 100% vegan senza alcol

Aloe Arborescens pure, made by cold pressing of whole Aloe Arborescens leaves

  • Cultivated and produced by our farm!
  • 99.50% Aloe Arborescens, 0.3% Rosehip fruit extract, 0.2% mix essential oil;
  • Recipiente in vetro da 500 ml;;
  • Glass container 500 ml;
  • Fresh product, to be preserved in the fridge, it can be perfectly preserved for the shipping;
  • To be used within 90 days;
  • Without preservatives.

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cultivated in a healthy environment natural cultivation without pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals hand-picked cultivated with love grown by our company 100% vegan

Pure juice of Kalanchoe daigremontiana leaves

  • Product of our land!
  • Ingredients: Kalanchoe daigremontiana 98.50%, Mix Essential Oils 1.50%.
  • 250 ml glass container.
  • Consume preferably within 90 days.
  • Plants grown organically in a healthy environment.
  • NO-GMO product, gluten free, without sweeteners, natural!

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