How much do you earn with the Affiliate Program?

Article index:

  1. Commissions on sales ;
  2. You are entitled to the commission even after 90 days ;
  3. You have the commission on the first 3 orders ;
  4. How to monitor commissions ;
  5. How to collect commissions .

Commissions on sales

If the user reaches, after clicking on any of your linking links and completing an order, or if you complete the order using your discount voucher, you are entitled to a commission equal to 10% of the sale .

The commission of 10% is calculated on the total of the products sold, net of discounts, VAT, shipping costs and the costs of the mark .

The commission will be credited to you when the order is completed.

The commission will be canceled the customer's time:

  • should cancel the order before shipping the ordered items.
  • should refuse to collect the item ordered on delivery.
  • should ask for the return right of withdrawal within the first 10 days of receipt of the order.

NOTE : The commission will not be calculated what time it was an old customer , or a user who has already registered before your reference and who has already made at least one order on

You are entitled to the commission even after 90 days

The commission will be recognized even if your referent does not buy immediately, but place the order within 90 days of his first visit to our site.

This means that if the user clicks on your link, visit our site, close the site and buy from one to 90 days later, you will still receive the commission of 10% on the sale.

You have the commission on the first 3 orders

You will continue to receive commissions from your referrer's orders for the first 3 orders.

For example if your friend Marco click on your link, or use your discount voucher and place an order today of 10 €, one in a month of 30 € and another in a year of 90 €, you will receive commission on all three orders, or 10% of € 130 (to which VAT is to be deducted).

From the fourth order on, you will no longer receive commissions from that customer.

How to monitor commissions

To see how much you have earned go to "Your account> Affiliate Program ". In the "General information" section, scroll down to the section "HOW YOU HAVE EARNED UNTIL NOW". Here is the total of the commissions accrued up to that time and still not collected. ( click here to see an example image).

Still in the section "Your account> Affiliate Program ", by clicking on the "Affiliates" tab, you will find instead a table that shows the commission accrued for each individual customer your referent. ( click here to see an example image).

How to collect commissions

You can redeem the commissions in two ways:

  • receiving a bank transfer to your c / c;
  • turning the commissions into a discount coupon;

1. Payment by bank transfer

To receive the transfer it is necessary:

  1. insert the iban of your current account: to do so go to "Your account> Affiliate Program " and click on the "Payment Information" tab. After this insert the IBAN code of your bank account in the appropriate box ( click here to see an example image). Finally click on the "Save settings" button.
  2. ask for the payment : always on "Your account> Affiliate Program ", go to the "General Information" section and click on the red button "Cash in your commissions", which is next to the amount of the commission you have earned. Attention, to request payment the total balance must be at least € 50.
  3. send an invoice or a debit note : send us an email to email @ erbedimauro, en the invoice (if you have VAT number), or the debit note if you are a private individual. If you do not know how to issue the invoice, or the debit note, follow this guide .

2. Turn the commissions into discount coupons

It's very simple. Just send us an email to asking to turn the full amount of your commissions into a discount coupon. In the email it indicates the email with which you are registered to our site.

ATTENTION ! For technical reasons it is not possible to make good discounts of partial amounts, but only for the total commission accrued.