Finely ground black pepper

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coltivato in ambiente sano prodotto 100% naturale, senza conservanti 100% vegan

Black pepper, with an intense, aromatic and spicy flavor, is the condiment that gives it an extra edge Excellent on meat, fish, broths and sauces. Essential when you want to get the most benefits from taking turmeric.

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  • Ingredients: Black pepper (Piper nigrum), finely ground
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Black pepper is a berry that is on a rampant plant belonging to the piperaceae family. The pulp of the seed contains the piperina, responsible for spicy flavor.


Black pepper is a spice native to India, used both in cooking, but also as a natural remedy in Ayurveda medicine. Used in moderation, black pepper can promote digestion (but it is contraindications in case of pathologies such as gastric ulcers, or gastritis).

Piperine is also famous for the particularity of significantly improving the assimilation of curcumin, the beneficial active ingredient of turmeric. For this reason, when taking turmeric, it is always recommended to add a pinch of black pepper.

Directions for use

Intense aroma, unmistakable aroma, strong and spicy taste. Black pepper is perfect for seasoning roasted and grilled meat and fish, grilled vegetables, cheeses, broths and sauces.

The combination with chocolate and dried fruit is also excellent, you will probably know the famous gingerbread in which pepper is present to give a touch of unmistakable taste to this typical dessert.

Considering that piperine (the active ingredient in pepper) improves the degree of assimilation of curcumin (active ingredient in turmeric), when taking turmeric it is always a good idea to add a pinch of pepper. A pin is really enough.


Piperine is an irritant to the mucous membranes, which is why it is best not to overdo it. In case of gastritis, reflux and gastric ulcers it is much better to avoid black pepper, or to consume it only sporadically. Ditto for those suffering from irritable colon and inflamed hemorrhoids.


Store in a dry place, away from heat sources, direct sunlight and humidity.

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