Aloe Vera and Citronella Mosquito Repellent Spray 100ml

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coltivato in un ambiente sano prodotto con amore prodotto e coltivato dalla nostra azienda no alcol senza parabeni, paraffina, siliconi o altri derivati ​​del petrolio 100% vegan

Anti-mosquito spray based on Aloe Vera, Lemongrass, Neem oil, Tea tree oil and other essential oils with repellent action against mosquitoes, horseflies, midges and other annoying insects. The product is an absolutely natural formulation and does not contain alcohol, aluminum and petroleum derivatives.

Keep away:

  • mosquitoes, flies, horseflies and midges.

Other useful information:

  • 100 ml spray
  • Produced and grown by our company!
  • Contains Aloe Vera, Lemongrass, Neem Oil, Tea tree oil and other natural essential oils;
  • It does not contain aluminum salts;
  • It does not contain alcohol;
  • It does not contain petroleum derivatives;
  • It does not contain PEG;
  • It does not contain chemical perfumes;
  • 100% Vegan.
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Our anti-mosquito repellent spray is a natural product designed for those who want to keep away mosquitoes and other annoying insects, while respecting the health of their skin and the health of the environment.

It is in fact an eco-friendly formulation, based on natural extracts, such as Aloe Vera gel, lemongrass essential oil, Neem oil, tea tree oil and a combination of other specific essential oils with a strong repellent action against of mosquitoes of any kind, but also of other annoying insects, such as midges, horseflies and flies.

The fragrance is very pleasant, leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness and effectiveness is guaranteed!

Useful against:

  • Mosquitoes;
  • Flies;
  • Tafani;
  • Gnats.


  • Repellent action;
  • Soothing action;
  • Antibacterial action;
  • Protective action.

Main ingredients

aloe vera ingredients

Aloe Vera gel

The gel contained in the fleshy leaves of Aloe Vera has an anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, soothing, antibacterial and regenerating effect on the tissues. Its application reduces inflammation, promotes healing of tissues and deeply moisturizes the skin. Finally, aloe increases the production of human fibroblasts, cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastin.

zanzare citronella


Lemongrass is a plant of Asian origin, known for its effective anti-mosquito action. Citronella leaves contain various essential oils, such as geraniol, citronellol, borneol, methyl-eugenol and others, with repellent properties against mosquitoes and other insects. The essential oil extracted from lemongrass is rich in compounds with powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

prendi l'olio

Neem oil

Melia azadirachta L., plant known by the name of Neem, is a plant native to India and Southeast Asia. The oil extracted from its seeds is used, the antiparasitic and repellent properties of which have been known for centuries against numerous insects, including horseflies, mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. Not only that, Neem oil enjoys emollient and moisturizing properties on the skin and a certain antimicrobial and antifungal action.

All the ingredients

Ingredients : Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Aqua, Caprylic / capric triglyceride, Polyglyceryl-3 methylglucose distearate, Glyceryl stearate, Cymbopogon nardus oil, Melia azadirachta seed oil, Mentha piperita oil, Eucalyptus globulus oil, Eugenol, Limonene, Sodium benzoate, Citronellol, Lavandula angustifolia oil, Linalool, Pelargonium graveolens flower oil, Citric acid, Melaleuca alternifolia oil, Citrus medica limonum oil, Eugenia caryophyllus flower oil, Farnesol, Citral.

senza parabeni niente alcool Senza OGM Vegan senza profumi senza piolo

It does not contain:

  • It does not contain parabens, paraffin, silicones, or other petroleum derivatives;
  • It does not contain PEG;
  • It does not contain alcohol;
  • It does not contain synthetic perfumes (only pure and natural essential oils);
  • It does not contain aluminum salts;
  • It does not contain ingredients of animal origin (100% Vegan);
  • It does not contain OGM substances.

Use advice

Use regularly even several times a day (recommended every hour) on the areas of the skin most exposed to the aggression of insects. Gently massage with the hands to facilitate the absorption by the skin of the active ingredients present in the product.

Shipping takes place every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, delivery in 24-48 hours on average to Italy, and 24-48 hours with air shipment, to the rest of Europe.
Shipment on the road to the rest of europe shipping takes place in 72/96 hours.

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rating Protezione zanzare
Sarar s. on 06/30/2021 Prodotto buonissimo e naturale veramente efficace!!!
rating Anti zanzare
berardina i. on 06/28/2021 Io e mio marito acquistiamo solo questi prodotti
rating Fantastico
Bruno F. on 06/15/2021 Protegge veramente dalle zanzare
rating Spray Anti Zanzare, 
grazia c. on 05/30/2021 fondamentale per il mio bambino
rating Profumatissima
Gustavo B. on 09/28/2020 È un piacere sentire il suo profumo sulla pelle , e funziona per tenere lontano le zanzare. Peccato il suo effetto non duri tantissimo, bisogna rinnovarla spesso nelle giornate calde e le zanzare ci assalgono.
rating Recensione
Milena D. on 09/18/2020 Ottimo prodotto, anche dopo puntura
rating ciao ciao zanzare
Laura G. on 08/12/2020 Funziona!!!
rating Excellente protection
FLORIANE J. on 08/12/2020 Permet de profiter des soirées d été sans se faire piquer par les moustiques, très efficace
rating Spray anti zanzara
ANNA B. on 07/25/2020 Ottimo ed efficace.
rating Antizanzare
Ornella D. on 07/24/2020 Ottimo prodotto
rating valutazione
Alessandra S. on 07/24/2020 ottimo prodotto, si assorbe bene sulla pelle e funziona.
rating Spray Anti Zanzare Aloe Vera e Citronella
SERGIO M. on 06/01/2020 Fa perfettamente il suo lavoro durante le cene sul terrazzo
rating Prodotto valido
 on 05/27/2020

valido prodotto e confezionato in modo grazioso e pratico

rating OTTIMO
MONIA G. on 04/24/2020


rating Spray antizanzare Spray antizanzare
Elisabetta S. on 03/24/2020 Ottimo
rating Non lo so
Brisilda L. on 12/06/2019 Ha un odore piacevolissimo. Funziona contro le zanzare. Così mi è stato detto perché l’ho regalato
rating ZZZZZZ
rating Spray zanzare
Dario D. on 08/07/2019 Ottimo prodotto
rating indispensabile x me
Claudia F. on 07/29/2019 efficace e naturale
rating addio zanzare
Melafonino m. on 07/24/2019 Lo spruzzi prima e allontana zanzare e insetti per un bel po’. Ottimo
rating ottimo
Daniele C. on 08/22/2018 profumo gradevole, non troppo invasivo; per gl'insetti, difficile dirlo... bisognerebbe mandare il survey anche a loro! ;-)
rating funziona
ELENA B. on 08/20/2018 abitando in una zona semipalustre e quindi infestata da zanzare (locali, per fortuna) devo dire che funziona
rating Buono
stefano b. on 08/15/2018 Buon prodotto
rating Delicato e delicato.
galoppini s. on 08/13/2018 -
rating Ni
gianchiara g. on 08/10/2018 Purtroppo con l'invasione di zanzare che c'è stata quest'anno nel mio giardino, questo prodotto non è stato sufficiente.

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