Cumin seeds, 35-500g, 1kg

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cultivated in a healthy environment 100% natural product, without preservatives biologico 100% vegan

Cumin seeds are small seeds similar to those of anise and fennel, widely used especially in Asia. They are very aromatic, help fight halitosis and have excellent digestive properties.

  • Origin: extra-UE* (*raw material of biological origin)
  • Pack of 35g, 500g, 1kg
  • Ingredients: Cumin Seeds (Cuminum cyminum L.), organic
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There are different varieties of cumin , these are seeds of Cuminum cyminum , also known as "true cumin", not to be confused with the seeds of Corum Carvi , called cumin of the Fields, with the seeds of Nigella sativa , or of Bunium persicum , both known like black cumin.

Cumin seeds have a very intense aroma and the taste is slightly peppery and bitter. It is one of the ingredients of the famous Curry and is used mainly in Asian cuisine to flavor different dishes. Further on you will find some useful tips

Cumin property

Cumin seeds, chewed or used for the preparation of herbal teas, are very indicated to promote digestion and eliminate swelling . Their particular aroma is also useful for eliminating halitosis .

Use in the kitchen

In Italy, cumin seeds are not widespread, so I think you may find useful some practical advice. The seeds can be added raw to some dishes, to give it an extra aromatic touch. It is excellent for flavoring roast meat, legumes, stewed vegetables (especially cabbage and broccoli) and raw salads.

Indian cuisine uses cumin a lot, but prefers seeds, which are usually put in oil together with other spices before starting to cook .

To make bread

Cumin seeds are also excellent as an addition to bread, breadsticks or focaccia bread . The seeds should be roasted for a few minutes in a pan to remove excess moisture, then a handful of cumin seeds should be added to the sifted flour and, if you like, you can add some to the surface before starting cooking.

Cumin seeds powder

Cumin seeds are excellent even reduced to powder, but to avoid losing their aroma, they should be ground just before use .

Before grinding them, roast them a little and then leave them to cool for a few minutes. In the end you can grind them using a mortar, or a practical macro mill, or spice mill. Toasted cumin seeds have an earthy taste, but once the seed is ground you will immediately feel the floral notes typical of this spice.

In South American cuisine, ground cumin is used in practically all recipes: stews, bean-based dishes and even stuffed dishes such as empanadas, chili, soups and tortillas.


Not recommended for use by pregnant or lactating women.

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