Aloe Arborescens Plant - 3 Years old

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cultivated in a healthy environment natural cultivation without pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals cultivated with love grown by our company 100% vegan

Aloe Arborescens plant 3 years old, in a vase.

  • Perfect to prepare Father Zago's juice, smoothies, extracts, etc;
  • Organically cultivated in a healthy environment;
  • Undefined height, being a natural product, growth can vary according to various environmental factors;
  • Any aesthetic defects are not to be considered defects, but qualities that demonstrate the naturalness of the crops
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How I grow the plants

This type of Aloe will be repotted towards the spring (between March and April), putting it in a larger pot, or directly on the ground.

Not having a particularly deep root system, it is preferable to choose a wider and deeper vase with adequate drainage holes as the plant does not like water stagnation and place on the bottom of the gravel pot or pieces of earthenware.

They are plants that are not particularly demanding in terms of land but prefer predominantly sandy soils that favor the rapid draining of excess and slightly acidic water.

How to care for the Aloe plant

The Aloe plant needs little water. It should be watered every 3/7/15/30 days depending on the time of year (little or nothing in winter, often in summer).

For fertilization, essential if kept in pots, it is recommended to use organic fertilizer to be diluted with water and to be administered every 30 days, in the spring summer period. If you plant on the ground in a worked soil the plant does not need special fertilization.

Harvest of leaves

For the harvest of leaves we start from the largest branch from the bottom to the top and tear slightly and then rotate in a circular way around the plants.

Do not water the leaves before 7/10 days from harvest and do not water the plant for 7/10 days before harvest.

How to plant it in the ground

If you want, you can plant it in the ground during the period between April and July, creating a bit of shade on the plant in the first weeks to make the plant gradually adapt to the ground without stress.

Winter months

The plant does not withstand temperatures below 0 °, if the plant is in the garden or outdoor it is necessary to cover it with appropriate cloths or to move it inside the house in colder periods. If you want to move it in the sun, it is better to do it gradually: doing so you avoid damaging the leaves and you will get a splendid ornamental plant, also ideal for preparing the recipe of Father Zago.

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