Gynostemma pentaphyllum, Powder 50g

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coltivato in ambiente sano 100% natural product, without preservatives hand-picked plant produced and cultivated with love dried at low temperatures produced and cultivated by our farm 100% vegan

In the East they call it the plant of Immortality, as it was once believed to be capable of giving eternal life. Certainly it does not render immortal, but through studies and research it has been learned that Gynostemma is a plant capable of bringing numerous benefits to our health.

  • Produced by our company!
  • Ingredients: Gynostemma pentaphyllum, dried leaves reduced to powder
  • Pack of 50g
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Our cultivation of Gynostemma, just before gathering:


Gynostemma pentaphyllum is a perennial herbaceous plant, with a climbing habit, belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family.

It grows wild in southeastern China, on Mount Fanjing, in a cool-damp climate. In China, the countless beneficial properties of this plant were already known at the time of the Ming dynasty (1300 BC), so much so that in ancient Chinese medicine texts it is mentioned as "the herb of immortality" or of eternal life.

Even today in the folk medicine of these peoples, who have always used medical herbs to take care of their health, the Gynostemma herbal tea is taken to stimulate the immune defenses, to strengthen the memory, to fight fatigue, to improve the functionality of the liver and digestion and for many other disorders and diseases.

Advice on use

We decided to make Gynostemma powder to simplify its use and make it more practical, especially for those who don't have the time or desire to take herbal teas.

The most classic way to take it is by adding a teaspoon of Gynostemma powder to half a glass of water, and then drinking it all in one go. However, if you want, you can use a little creativity and combine this powder with juices, smoothies, centrifuged, or you can take it with savory dishes, such as soups and soups.

Recommended 1 to 3 teaspoons a day.


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

For more information on Gynostemma click here: Properties of Gynostemma pentaphyllum

Informative video on the properties of the Gynostemma pentaphyllum:

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Mattia D. on 02/03/2021 Per quanto sia un po' più complicata l'assunzione con questa modalità, è un ottimo prodotto dal quale sembra che stia trovando giovamento.
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Giancarlo M. on 01/25/2021 Sono anni che consumo Gynostemma e questa è la migliore che ho provato. Ottima
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Eri F. on 11/09/2020 Mi piace il gusto e adoro le tisane con questa piantina della salute!
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Maurizio D. on 10/13/2020 Devo ancora provare
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vito f. on 04/24/2020 Ottimo
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Sarah F. on 04/15/2020 L'ho presa per fare un regalo e la persona che l'ha ricevuta ne era molto soddisfatta.
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martino m. on 12/25/2019 Buona
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Lisa G. on 12/17/2019 All’inizio l’ho trovato un po’ difficile da consumare,ma dopo poco è diventata un abitudine.Consumata quotidianamente da ottimi risultati
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Giancarlo M. on 01/19/2021 Sono anni che la consumo ma questa è veramente "Ottima". Grazie Mauro