Lavander Oil, 50ml - Infused Oil Extract

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cultivated in a healthy environment 100% natural, without preservatives Handmade producted with love produced and cultivated by our company no alcol without parabens, paraffin, silicones or other petroleum derivatives 100% vegan

Lavender infused oil is made by infusing lavender flowers into sunflower oil. Useful for:

  • Dermatitis, itching, eczema, insect bites;
  • Acne and pimples;
  • Make-up remover ;
  • Dandruff and brittle hair;
  • Otitis (both for adults and for children);

Other useful information:

  • Package of 50 ml;
  • Produced and cultivated by our Company!
  • Ingredients: Sunflower oil, lavender (Lavanda officinalis) flowers.
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What is it used for?

Lavender oil has an effective anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, healing and purifying action on the skin. It is very delicate, so it can also be used to treat the most sensitive skin, such as children skin.

Lavender oil is very effective in skin and hair disorders such as:

  • Dermatitis, pruritus, eczema: the lavender is an effective anti-inflammatory and its application on the area of inflamed skin will bring you a quick relief, both in case of dermatitis of various kinds, and for itching, hives, eczema and other types of skin irritations.
  • Insect bites: the lavender oil is very effective also to soothe mosquito bites, bees and hornets, also has a slightly repellent action on mosquitoes.
  • Acne and pimples: thanks to its antibacterial properties, lavender oil helps to eliminate bacteria and impurities that lurk between the pores of the skin, promoting the elimination of acne and pimples.
  • Face make-up remover: Especially for those with particularly sensitive skin, lavender oil is an exceptional make-up remover thanks to its calming properties, it will reduce redness and remove any make-up residue by passing it on the face with a cotton pad.
  • Dandruff and broken hair: lavender oil can also be used for hair care. Applied on the scalp it has an anti-dandruff effect and acts by strengthening the hair bulb.
  • Otitis: lavender oil is a valuable anti-inflammatory and calming treatment for otitis of adults, but also for children. Just wet the little finger with 1-2 drops of oil and apply gently in the ear canal, leaving it to act. Cuts and wounds: lavender oil has healing action, so if applied to wounds will help it heal faster.
  • Mycosis: lavender has an effective antifungal action. Apply a few drops to the area affected by mycosis. If desired, it is possible to enhance the effect by adding a drop of tea tree oil or lavender essential oil.

Use Advice

  • On the skin: apply a few drops on the skin and massage gently, then let it absorb without rinsing.
  • In the ear canal (in case of otitis): wet the little finger with 1-2 drops of oil and apply gently in the ear canal to soothe the inflammation
  • Hair: apply a few drops on the hair and massage, then leave to rest for about an hour before shampooing. In case of particularly dry or curly hair, you can leave it in overnight with your hair wrapped in a towel if you want maximum benefits.


Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight or other sources of heat.

Shipping takes place every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, delivery in 24-48 hours on average to Italy, and 24-48 hours with air shipment, to the rest of Europe.
Shipment on the road to the rest of europe shipping takes place in 72/96 hours.

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Valter B. on 08/16/2020 Prodotto dalle mille applicazioni, o.e. già diluito in olio vegetale pronto all'uso
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Adriana C. b. on 06/06/2020 Ottimi prodotti , come sempre. Spedizione veloce .
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Maria Elena B. on 05/29/2020 già provato in passato.
confermo la validità del prodotto
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Daniela R. on 05/29/2020 Molto valido, per dermatite
rating Oleolito di Lavanda
Simone M. on 11/30/2018 Ottimo

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