Black Garlic from Voghiera (Italy), Fresh, Fermented, 50g

cultivated in a healthy environment 100% natural product, without preservatives biologico 100% vegan

The Voghiera black garlic is a delicacy for the palate and an elixir for the body. It has a very different taste from the common white garlic, it is sweet and with a licorice aftertaste. In traditional Korean medicine, where black garlic has been consumed for long time, it is well-known for its antioxidant nature.

  • Produced in Italy, Voghiera (FE)
  • Black Garlic fermented, from Voghiera, cloves
  • Total weight: 50 gr
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Black garlic is simply the common white garlic, that has been fermented for 30 days in an environment at a constant and controlled temperature and humidity. After this process, the garlic is left to oxidize for other 45 days.

This fermentation + oxidation process makes a completely different garlic from the original one, such as color, taste, smell and nutritional values.

The color is black, it is almost odorless and is soft to the touch. The biggest advantage of black garlic is its taste, slightly sweet with an aftertaste that recalls licorice.

Finally, it is kiss-proof, it does not cause a bad breath! As for the properties, black garlic is poor in allicin, which on the one hand improves its digestibility, on the other, it reduces its antibacterial effect. Yet, the most interesting part of this product is its very high concentration of antioxidants: about twice as much as in white garlic.

In traditional Korean medicine, where the properties of fermented garlic have been known for centuries, black garlic is recommended in cases of fatigue and chronic fatigue, especially for the elderly and for students. Thanks to the wealth of natural antioxidants it is very useful to prevent cellular aging and chronic degenerative diseases.

It also preserves many of the original properties of white garlic (hypotensive, hypoglycemic, hypocholesterolemic, etc.).

Use Advice

To enjoy its health properties, black garlic should be eaten raw. Do not worry, due to the long fermentation the hint of garlic is very light, while you can enjoy its sweet flavor.

Use is very simple.

Just peel the clove (the skin comes away easily) and chop or even crush it with the blade of a flat knife: thanks the fermentation the garlic will have lost all fibers becoming very soft, almost creamy.

If you want to cook it in the pan, be careful keeping the flame low: in this way, it will melt in the bottom, just like the anchovies, without taking the bitter aftertaste of the burnt garlic.


The black garlic must be preserved exactly like the common garlic, in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. It should not be placed in the refrigerator.

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